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*14 at the time, Aisha Decker survives the Red Night massacre, which killed her parents and twelve other families in the small town of Willowcroft. Five years after the incident, Aisha is contacted by an anonymous man calling himself uncle. Uncle tells Aisha that her father left her an inheritance, the only way to retrieve it, however, she must return back to Willowcroft.

 - --prologue---

Aisha shook in fright within the sink cabinet, her right arm trapped in the vice like grip of Mrs. Kristens left hand. The pain on her small wrist hurt, yet Aisha did not scream. Lorelei Kristen on the other hand was bleeding, slashed in the abdominals by a quickly drawn knife and a cold hearted predator.

Aisha used to laugh at the late night horror flicks, watching cheerleaders be gutted like a fish and bleed out fake blood, sometimes Tim Burton orange, sometimes even black cherry. She took delight in slasher films, yet delight was the farthest thing from her mind. At that moment, real blood began to seep out of Mrs. Kristen, its red color corrupting the white kitchen tiles beneath her.

"Stay here," Kristen spoke softly, maintaining her motherly instincts even in her situation. "Whatever you do, do not leave the cabinet."

Choked up with fright, Aisha responded with a nod, snot and tears streaming down her cheeks as the cabinet closed before her. Any moment now the killer would come downstairs and finish off the bleeding Mrs. Kristen.

*thump thump*

Footsteps approached from upstairs bedroom, each step boomed in the silence of the house.

Blinded to the outside of the cabinet, Aisha could hear Mrs. Kristen panic as the killer drew closer. Escape was impossible. Every window and door to the outside could not be opened. No matter how hard Mr. Kristen yanked the windows open or even kick the glass sliding door to the yard, each did not give away. All of them were trapped within this house against their will, just as that man intended.

The heavy footsteps made their way into the kitchen, and Mrs. Kristens breath grew with intensity, and in a split second she rose from behind the counter, her hands scrambling to grab a weapon from the knife holder, though her attempts were quickly stopped as the man grabbed her.Kristen screamed with all her might, squirming violently before her voice was silenced, her neck snapping like a twig, the knife in her hand dropped along with her to the floor.

Aisha witnessed the short battle through the small opening of the cabinet, biting down on her own lips to keep her shut even as Lorelei Kristen fell, the knife making its way near the cabinet.

Remaining silent, Aisha watched the man crouch down to the still body, hands tearing at her clothing it seemed. Each second she engraved in her mind, watching the foul man strip her neighbor and spread her limbs out into an X before he reached for a knife of his own, cutting apart flesh as he chanted lowly.

*" Knochen, Blut und Seele. Ein leerer Behälter. Leere des Lebens ..."*

Unable to take the scene, Aisha turned away, her gaze locked onto the knife before her. Thoughts stirred in her mind, her shivering ceasing for an instance. If she wanted revenge and life, now was her chance.

Diving out, Aisha picked up the long kitchen knife in her right hand and in a split second she aimlessly jabbed the tool in his direction.

Shock followed. The assailant was silent with surprise as the knife found its way in his neck.

Shaking once again, she cringed and yanked the knife out, shrieking as she held the knife in both hands and stabbed again and again, staining her hands red.

A dozen or so stabs later, Aisha watched the man shake, his damaged body unable too lunge out at her. Clutching the knife, she aimed for the killing blow, crying one last time with fury.

The knife halted midair, caught by the mans left arm in a desperate block, his eyes locked on hers as he chanted.

Drowsy. Her eyes grew heavy from his words, her hands letting go of the knife. Unable to make out the words, her final conscious moment she felt a chilling phantom pass in her, invading her against her will. With barely any focus, she raised her left leg up, kicking him under the left armpit.

His cast ceasing, the man groaned and collapsed. Shortly after, Aisha too fell, her mind drifting to black consciousness, cursing that man with her last thought...


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Edwin Vega
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Hi, my name is Edwin Vega, I'm a high school senior at Santa Barbara High, in Santa Barbara California. I have an interesting view of life, and I'm random. If you could see the way my head works, your face would melt like seeing the Arch of the Covenant. Reason, because I think every second random things and think fast on a lot of trivial things that blow people's mind off XD.

Anyways, I am outgoing and friendly. When it comes to writing I have a creative mind, but it never comes out right on paper. Well through trial and error I'll find a way to captivate the readers if I do my best. Pretty much sums me up. Well, thanks

Current Residence: Santa Barbara
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: hmm...none
Favourite style of art: my best friend I look up to, Ixion990
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: None
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: anime/ cool stuff
Skin of choice: Any (even green)
Favourite cartoon character: hmm...Ichigo, Haseo, Tsukasa, and others
Personal Quote: Those who remember the past are left behind by those looking to the future

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